Arkham Asylum’s Most Notorious Psychiatrist Is Back in This Red, Black, and White Statue

Harley Quinn Statue

Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a psychiatrist with a bit of a psychiatric problem. While treating The Joker in Gotham’s famed Arkham Asylum, she was either swayed to evil or liberated to become her true self, depending on your point of view. Now she is Harley Quinn, one of the most loved supervillains of all time and The Joker’s main squeeze. This tri-colored statue brings Harley Quinn to life, as she is in the critically acclaimed video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Sculptor Jack Mathews has studied Batman: Arkham Asylum to the smallest detail in order to capture the spirit and details of Harley Quinn. Dressed in a mockery of a nurse’s uniform and sporting twin pigtails, Harley Quinn is ready for anything with a weapon over her shoulder. She fears nothing and takes nothing seriously. Her playful nature is on display in this statue: she is truly an empowered female villain.

This statue is seven inches tall, at the tip of her hat. She stands on top of a Harley Quinn display base and is painted entirely with her three trademark colors: red, black, and white. It comes packed in a closed box, but you won’t want to keep her looks boxed up for long. While this statue isn’t available yet, you can pre-order yours today from Entertainment Earth with free U.S. shipping!

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Harley Quinn Statue



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