Designer Series Starfire is Out of This World!

DC Collectibles Starfire Statue

Meet the new Starfire in this DC Comics Designer Series Starfire by Amanda Conner Statue! The Tamaranean Princess is the newest addition to DC Collectibles’ Designer Series, which invites iconic comic artists to design statues of DC’s most popular characters.

Conner has said before that she loves to draw expressions and body language, and here she’s used both to capture Starfire’s bubbly, relaxed personality. Her fiery hair has been rendered in translucent plastic while the colors of her costume have been kept bright and bold. Like the rest of the Designer Series, the statue is mounted on a plain black base with Starfire’s logo printed across it. At 12 inches tall its impressive height and eye-catching colors will make it the star of your collection!

You can head over to Entertainment Earth now to pre-order this galactic beauty with free U.S. shipping!

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Dc Comics Starfire by Amanda Conner Statue



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