Wonder Woman Enters the Fray as New Statue from Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Statue

Watch out, boys, because the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Statue from DC Collectibles is here!

She joins Superman and both Batman statues and she’s ready to show them who’s boss.

Based on the likeness of actress Gal Gadot, this stunning statue perfectly captures Wonder Woman’s strength and determination. With her sword and shield in hand, the Amazonian princess is not afraid to show off the power she possesses.

Sculpted by James Marsano with incredible detail, from her tiara to her Lasso of Truth at her side, Wonder Woman will undoubtedly prove to be one of your most regal and mighty statues in your collection.

Standing on a Batman v Superman base like the previous statues, she measures 13-inches tall and will be a must-have for DC fans.

Wonder Woman is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in April 2016 with free shipping.

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Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Statue



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