David S. Goyer to Write Green Lantern Corps Film


We have to wait till November to finally see the Justice League form for the very first time on the big screen. When they do team up to take on the forces of evil, they’ll be without the Emerald Knights. Rumor has it, we may have to wait to see the Green Lanterns until Justice League 2. However, the Green Lantern Corps script has found its writers. David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes are set to begin work on a script that’s described as “Lethal Weapon in space.” It will focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

We’ve seen Jordan in the disappointing 2011 Green Lantern portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. This will be the first time we see a live action adaptation of John Stewart. According to Warner Bros and DC, the film will be an origin story and will center on the relationship between Hal, John, and the Corps. Geoff Johns has helped with the story idea along with Goyer.

Goyer is no stranger to the comic book movie world having worked on the scripts for the Blade trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman. This will be the first foray into the comic book world for Rhodes, who previously worked on the script for Guillermo del Toro’s Fantastic Voyage remake. The Green Lantern Corps has previously been reported to have a release date set for July 24, 2020.

It’s safe to assume that Ryan Reynolds won’t be back for this film, even though the failure of the 2011 film was not his fault. Tyrese Gibson and Sterling K. Brown have expressed interest in playing the Marine turned Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Who would you like to see cast as Hal Jordan and John Stewart? What other Corps members do you hope to see in the film? Does Goyer’s involvement worry you? Let’s discuss!



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