Who Is the Devilishly Detailed Dark Lord of the Sith?

Darth Nihilus

The Star Wars Darth Nihilus Mini-Bust brings back the Dark Lord of the Sith as a devilishly detailed limited edition of only 1,800 pieces.

Standing about 6 1/2-inches tall, this wonderful bust is a 1:6 scale piece that showcases Nihilus in all his intimidating glory. The bust comes packaged with his red lightsaber blade and a certificate of authenticity. This is the third in a series of busts based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

In Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Nihilus fed his hunger for the Force and became one of three concurrent Dark Lords of the Sith, reigning during an era of strife following the Jedi Civil War. Nihilus survived the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator super-weapon, but his experience of the shadows caused an insatiable hunger for Force energy. That affliction ravaged his body until he become a wound in the Force.

This Sith-sational limited edition bust is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

» Star Wars Darth Nihilus Mini-Bust

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