Annabelle Is Watching You!

Annabelle Doll

If you visit this site with any regularity than you’re a collector or at least a fan of statues, figures, and all matter of other merchandise. Perhaps in your office, bedroom, living room, or wherever you call home – you have a small display of your collection. Standing proudly on a shelf, dust free and in pristine condition. You walk past them all with little thought other than the joy of owning something you’re such a fan of, but what if there was more? Perhaps a depth to that collectible, a backstory in which your prized figure could come to life and haunt your nightmares? Meet Annabelle.

You might already know Annabelle from The Conjuring and then later in her very own spin-off film and subsequent prequel film. Annabelle is a porcelain doll possessed by a very violent and scary spirit. And your home is not complete without an Annabelle of your own! This Mezco 18 inch replica doll features a rotocast head, hands, and feet with film matching clothing and rooted hair. It’s so realistic that you might actually believe it just moved while staring at it.

Get yours today and scare your friends and loved ones. Display it proudly in its own glass case to protect you from its malevolent stare and demonic activity. Keep Elizabeth Warren’s phone number handy and order your own Annabelle doll today!



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