Massive 1:4 Scale Thulsa Doom Statue Will Make You Believe in Crom

Conan the Barbarian Thulsa Doom 1:4 Scale Statue

“That is strength, boy! That is power! What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?” 1982’s classic film Conan the Barbarian still lives on as the greatest sword and sorcery films of all time. With perfect casting, excellent characters, and a soundtrack that is beyond compare, it’s a film that’s easy to watch over and over again. While audiences the world-over can clearly conjure the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular character, some people forget that the film was perfectly balanced by the presence of James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom, sworn enemy of Conan. This deadly foe expressed the perfection of the artistic design of the film; a gothic warlord with a hunger for power in the form of steel. Now this remarkable antagonist has been brought to the collector’s world in a definitive way with the Conan the Barbarian Thulsa Doom 1:4 Scale Statue.

The leader of the snake cult is not only a warlord, but a wizard, too intimidating to be challenged, and this statue shows that it is easy to see why. Decked out in battle armor and armed with Conan’s father’s sword, his presence commands fear and awe. Chronicle Collectibles has topped itself with the intricate detail in the rendering of this character, making it more vivid than the character ever came across on the screen. The icy determination of Thulsa Doom in palpable and his powers radiate through the artwork.

Standing atop a base of his favorite pet snake, this statue towers in at 27-inches tall and 20-inches long. This mixed-media product has been given every attention in design. With a faux fur cape and sculpted armor and helmet, commands your respect. A collector’s piece this stunning doesn’t come around very often, and it doesn’t come cheap, either. You can order yours now from Entertainment Earth!



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