Children of the 80s Rejoice! Teddy Ruxpin Is Back!

Teddy Ruxpin

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, chances are you have fond memories of the cuddly animatronic bear known as Teddy Ruxpin.

(Or maybe you have terrible memories of nightmares involving possessed toys thanks to seeing Child’s Play far too young, then being awoken from a sound sleep by Teddy suddenly telling you a story at 2 AM. Or maybe that’s just me…)

Anyway, the story-telling stuffed bear is back with a new look and fancier built-in technology, so now a brand new generation of kids can fall in love with him (or do their darnedest to make him play heavy metal music rather than his usual family-friendly stories).

At 14-inches tall, the Teddy Ruxpin Storytelling Plush is a decent armful, perfect for hugging and cuddling. His LCD eyes give him a range of expressions with over 40 full-color animations, and his motorized mouth – as before – moves in time to his narration to add a level of realism.

This tale-spinning teddy bear is controlled via a handy app. Several stories are already built-in so kids can take him anywhere!

Whether you’re already a fan looking to indulge in some sweet nostalgia, or you’re now a parent yourself and want to add some whimsy to your child’s life, the new Teddy Ruxpin is a perfect purchase – order now, and we’ll deliver him the moment he arrives!

Teddy Ruxpin Storytelling Plush



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