Celebrate Throwback Thursday with the Toys of My 90’s Childhood


In honor of Throwback Thursday I’m paying tribute to the toys of my childhood! I’ve aggregated a list of toys which will surely make you feel all the nostalgic feels. Beware: this list will elicit warm fuzzy feelings, so crank on Space Jam, grab a fresh Squeeze It, and take a trip down memory lane with me to the 90’s…


Did anyone else ask for a puppy and get this “practice pet” toy instead? It’s probably for the best, since my Tamagotchi is long dead.


While Beanie Babies are definitely still a thing, there was no time like the 90’s for the fervor of the lovable plush toy to reach an all-time high. Remember when your parents forbade you from removing the tags? Well, I did it anyway, and probably so did you. Spill the beans!


Don’t ask me. I’m not even sure. All I know is that this slippery toy was a blast to play with.


Betty Spaghetty was all about hair braids and twisty limbs, although I particularly loved her for her cherubic doe eyes. Unfortunately, her comically lanky body was no match for the family dog, who did indeed believe her to be “spaghetty.”


Poo-Chi was a robotic dog that, because I could not have an actual dog, held a very special place in my heart growing up. It would even do tricks on voice command. Rad? I think yes!


Bop it! Spin it! Twist it! THROW IT AGAINST A WALL. If you weren’t the one playing this ear-shattering game, you wanted to pelt it into the depths of hell. Still, it made for an immensely fun toy, and it was a great way of playing with other kids.


Charming yet also somewhat creepy, the Furby was lovable in the daylight and unintentionally terrifying in the dark. Did yours ever start randomly speaking in the middle of the night? Truly, these humanoid animal things clearly had good intentions, but I think there’s a reason why they aren’t in every household today…


Perhaps one of my all-time favorite toys, Polly Pockets were like mini transportable doll houses. Back in my day (am I really saying this?!) you didn’t need flashy graphics and sound systems to make a toy cool. It was awesome enough that the little cupboard door opened. Simplicity, kids!


While not necessarily a toy exclusive to the 90’s, it played a prominent part of my 90’s childhood. I always maintained that mixing the colors was a necessary evil because, despite the vomit-colored end result, it was great fun watching the colors transform. There was only one way to truly mess up your Play Doh, and that was by leaving it outside to dry and get crusty.


I can’t say enough good things about these dolls. Based on historic tales about young, racially-diverse heroines rushing to save the day, there was something incredibly empowering about owning an American Girl Doll. These wildly popular toys even had their own stores which sold books, dolls, clothes, and other American Girl merchandise. Kirsten was my doll, and she still holds a special place in my heart.


What can I say? Hot Wheels were – and still are – some of the greatest toys in existence. I remember when every kid was rushing to collect them from McDonald’s Happy Meals. There was something incredibly gratifying about owning an elusive Hot Wheels car, and on top of the collector aspect, they were very fun to race.


Another childhood favorite, these dogs (and sometimes cats) were soft, cuddly, and cute. As a lifelong animal lover, they held an appeal for me that was unparalleled.

So, what’s your favorite childhood toy? Which toy on this list elicits warm fuzzy feelings in your heart? Which toy makes you cringe with abject horror? Let us know in the comments below!



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