Cars 3 Trailer Gets Dark

Disney/Pixar has had several sequels that fans have been waiting years for. People everywhere have been chomping at the bit for Incredibles 2 since about the moment they left the theater. While we have that sequel coming our way in the future, Disney and Pixar surprised us all with a trailer for a new addition to the Cars franchise.

Though Cars 2 was met with mixed reviews after taking Lightening and Mater around the world for the World Grand Prix. With the expected lighthearted humor and fun adventures, there was really nothing wrong with the film, there just wasn’t anything really new either. It looks as though Cars 3 is on a mission to change that by flipping the tone on its side.

It’s impossible to gauge a film by their first trailer, especially one that shows as little as Cars 3, but if this first spot is any indicator, it looks that the next installation of the Disney/Pixar’s automotive arc is going to be a little bit on the dark side. We see Lightening McQueen go the way of the Hudson Hornet, losing control of his car, er, body, and wrecking in the middle of a big race.

We can assume that we’ll see this early on in the film, while the rest of it illustrates Lightening’s rise back to racing shape, but not without all of his friends in Radiator Springs, of course. Hopefully we’ll see the return of Sally and the rest of the Radiator Gang, and it’s safe to assume that the fan favorite Mater will make his triumphant return to help his best friend get back to his former glory.

All in all, they definitely brought intrigue with this darker, edgier looking trailer, and I look forward to seeing more once we get more trailers under our belt!



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