Review: Immersive Cars 3 Essential Guide Offers More to Fans Than You Would Expect

Disney Pixar Cars 3: The Essential Guide Hardcover Book

DK Books has a massive track record of making awesome reading material jam-packed with information. Their books don’t take shortcuts, but instead, they offer deep knowledge about many subjects with easy enlightening visuals and plenty of exciting trivia. There is no shortage of subjects in the DK library, but their line of Disney Essentials Guides has offered a look at some of the greatest animated movies in a way that simply watching them doesn’t get across. With terrific pictures and lively text, the Disney Pixar Cars 3: The Essential Guide is one book that every fan will want to have on the shelf, both for quick reference and for informational reading.

The third entry into the Cars franchise did not disappoint audiences. Returning to the heart of the Cars universe, the storyline took us deeper into racing and introduced many memorable characters. With a slightly darker tone and exciting action sequences, Pixar showed that storytelling is still at the very core of what they do. Any fan of the film, the franchise, and animation, in general, will love the gorgeous pictures, graphics, and diagrams in this new guidebook. The book takes you under the hood of Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, and many others, revealing the inner workings of the Cars characters, as well as exploring the racing tracks found around the Cars universe.

Fans of character design are given tremendous insight into how mechanical creations have been turned into relatable and loveable characters. It is no simple task to make children and adults feel compassion and drama through an automobile, but many of the pages reveal how the inner workings of cars were turned into elements of characterization. The visuals in this book not only connect to valuable information, but they are stunning to look at for people of all ages. This Essential Guide is an essential need for any fan’s library. Order today from Entertainment Earth!



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