Light Up Westeros with this Iron Throne Lamp


Winter may be coming, but darkness doesn’t have to fall! Cast a new light on your Game of Thrones collection with this amazing Game of Thrones Iron Throne 2nd Edition Table Lamp. Members of every house will respect the detail and grandeur of this collector’s item.

This fully functional lamp sits on top of a replica of the Iron Throne. When it is lit, the shade reveals an illuminated map of the known lands of Westeros. All it’s missing is little mechanical statues and a catchy theme song—though, to be fair, you’ll be humming it all day in your head.

The rich symbolism of the Iron Throne is hard to beat, in all the world of fantasy novels.The breath of the greatest dragon forged the Iron Throne. It is made from the steel swords of a thousand vanquished warriors who dared to oppose the true ruler of the land. This is a throne that must be truly earned.

This tabletop lamp is perfect for the casual fan or the serious collector. Just add your own light bulb (up to 60-watts) and you have a functional collectible that grabs the attention with sensation and keeps it in place with rich, minute details. This item isn’t on shelves yet, but you can pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth today!

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