Brie Larson Opens Up About Importance of Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) officially kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. Since then we’ve had 12 films added to the docket, with many more to come. Captain Marvel is scheduled for a 2019 release and it will be the first film in the MCU to star a female protagonist.

This is a big deal, and no one knows that better than the film’s star, Brie Larson. She’s both excited and humbled to don the red, blue, and gold suit. She’s also looking forward to being a role model to the young women who will eventually watch this film.

In a recent chat with Space Channel, Larson had this to say:

“The thing that’s been the most exciting now is on social media I get sent a lot of pictures of young girls in the Captain Marvel costume and I’m excited to see more of that. She’s such a great symbol for young girls, and realizing what a deficit we have, that we don’t have more of those. I think it’s really cool to see a girl in a Batman costume or a Spider-Man costume, but I’m really excited that there’s a symbol of women. I think that’s really important.”

An important example of why representation matters in the media that we consume. Yes, some young girls enjoy dressing up as Spider-Man, but it’s important for those who want other options to have a wide selection of characters to choose from.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Captain Marvel film? Are you pleased with the casting choices? Let us know in the comments!



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