Brie Larson Is Already Devoting Herself To Her Role As Captain Marvel


Spending an entire day inside reading comics as you’re wrapped in the warmth of your favorite superhero hoodie seems like the perfect way to while away a weekend. Some might call it lazy, others paradise, but Brie Larson gets to call it research!

Recently announced at San Diego Comic Con as the new Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, Brie Larson posted a photo to her Twitter this week of her cozying up with her character. Taken by her partner Alex Greenwald, Larson is living our dreams as she gets into character in a Captain Marvel zip-up while she reads “Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More.”

Captioned with “LARSON INDUSTRIES R&D DEPARTMENT,” Brie Larson seems only too happy to be jumping into research for her new role. Like all of Larson’s interactions with her fans on social media, this is just another sign that she’s going to be an amazing Captain Marvel – and we can’t wait to see her in action!

Which Carol Danvers comics would you add to Larson’s “R&D” pile? If you could spend a whole day reading comics “for research” which ones would they be?



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