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Breaking Record of Batman Impersonators Seen in Calgary

Batman takes Calgary by storm!

Nexen Energy set a Guinness World Record when hundreds of employees gathered in downtown Calgary . . . dressed as none other than Batman!

“Our employees are true superheroes and we’re very proud of the teamwork and community spirit they’ve demonstrated in supporting this initiative,” says Fang Zhi, CEO, Nexen Energy ULC. “Our goal was to show a unified spirit in kicking off Nexen’s annual United Way campaign and also to raise awareness for United Way of Calgary and Area. We needed 250 or more participants to set the Batman record and I’m very proud to say that we’ve more than doubled that figure.”

The “World’s Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Batman” was a concentrated effort to have the most iterations of the Caped Crusader in one place kicks off Nexen’s 2014 United Way Campaign, themed “From Suits to Superheroes.” Each costume required a full bodysuit in black, a yellow belt, a black cape, and a mask if order to count toward the record. Each member of the team had to stand in one place for five full minutes while watched by a Guinness World Records adjudicator.

With hundreds of people dressed as the Bat in Century Park, social media exploded with pictures and videos of the Batman dance party.

Nexen EnergySurprisingly enough, this is the second time that Nexen Energy has set a Guinness World Record. In 2011, 437 people gathering in Calgary dressed as none other than Superman.

Nexen Energy is responsible for developing energy resources in the UK North Sea, offshore West Africa, the United States, and westsern Canada.

In fact, gathering as the Bat was only a natural recourse for the city after Calgary’s mayor tweeted his support for Batman’s vigilante activities, if he were the mayor of Gotham. In 2012, mayor Naheed Nenshi responded to a twitter question asking if he would arrest or support Batman. Would Gotham even need Batman with Naheed as mayor?

Would you participate in a superhero gathering to break a Guinness World Record? Let us know in the comments!



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