Add Some Happy Little Bob Ross Flair to Your Life

The soft afro. The gentle voice. The masterful brush strokes and quiet encouragement. Yes indeed: Bob Ross was truly a hero among men, and his show The Joy of Painting always put a smile on our faces.

Now you can add a dash of Ross’ Joy to your everyday life.

The Bob Ross Crazy Flat Magnet features the grinning artist imposed on a painting of one of his typically soothing nature scenes, emblazoned with the quote, “Let’s get crazy, what the heck.” (Magnet measures 3 1/2-inches wide x 2 1/2-inches tall.)

The Bob Ross Logo Flat Magnet features The Joy of Painting’s logo – a cartoony rendition of Bob – with one of the painter’s greatest epitaphs: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.” Truly words to live by. (Magnet measures 3 1/2-inches wide x 2 1/2-inches tall.)

Finally, what day couldn’t be vastly improved with a cheerful button? The Bob Ross Button Display Case lets you wear a different Joy-ful message each day of the week. The case includes 144 buttons, covering a variety of designs:

  • Little Trees
  • Mistakes
  • Priceless
  • Build
  • Happy
  • Crazy
  • Heart
  • World
  • Hair
  • Logo
  • Happy Little Clouds

Each button measures approximately 1 1/4-inches in diameter. Wear a new one every day and give one to anyone who needs a smile!

These happy little bits of flair will be arriving in stock next month, so order the bunch today!



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