3 Things You Didn’t Know about Black Panther’s Shuri


Thanks to Captain America: Civil War, we’ve already gotten a glimpse of Black Panther in action. But save for some tantalizing glimpses in the trailers, the rest of the characters largely remain question marks.

The comic fans in the audience already know about the Dora Milaje, Queen Ramonda, Killmonger, and Klaw – but for plenty of MCU fans, this film takes them into unknown territory. So, before you head to see Black Panther, take a moment to learn about one of the MCU’s newest characters: Shuri.

Shuri, Princess of Wakanda

Image: Marvel

Shuri was created by writer Reginald Hudlin and artist John Romita, Jr., first appearing in Black Panther Vol. 4 #2. In the comics, she is T’Challa’s half-sister – the movie could make them full siblings. Shuri is the only daughter of King T’Chaka and his third wife, Ramonda. Being the only Princess in the family never stopped her from pursuing her goals. Shuri has often bucked traditions and ignored rules, training to become a master martial artist.

Shuri’s Supernatural Superpowers

Image: Marvel

After being trapped in a death-like state and transcending to a heavenly plane called the Djalia, Shuri returns to Wakanda with the ability to transform into rock and birds. Because vibranium claws and enhanced speed, strength, and resilience just weren’t enough. What a badass little sister.

Will She Take the Mantle of Black Panther in the MCU?

When T’Challa is indisposed by the Cabal, a secret council of supervillains, Shuri completes the trials required in order to obtain the heart-shaped herb. Though she’s initially denied any powers by the Panther God due to her long-held jealousy of T’Challa, Shuri goes on to prove her worthiness by protecting Wakanda and healing her brother. We see Shuri using power gauntlets in the Black Panther trailers, but will we ever see her become the Black Panther in the MCU?



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