Bill Murray Suggests His All-Female Ghostbusters Cast

Who you gonna call for the Ghostbusters 3? Well, possibly four fantastic ladies, according to Bill Murray.

In an interview with Toronto Star during the Toronto International Film Festival, the Ghostbusters alum proposed his hilarious and talented dream team to back a female-centric revival of the cult classic.

First on his list is his co-star in St. Vincent, Melissa McCarthy. “Melissa would be a spectacular Ghostbuster,” Murray stated. Given her track record with hits like Bridesmaids and The Heat, it’s easy to envision McCarthy donning the ghostbusting mantle.

We can’t forget about Bridesmaids star and co-writer, Kristen Wiig. “Kristen Wiig is so funny — God, she’s funny!” Wiig and McCarthy made the perfect duo in Bridesmaids and I would love to see them reunite for Ghostbusters 3.

Murray also championed his Zombieland co-star, Emma Stone, stating “And Emma Stone is funny.” After her electric portrayal of Olive Penderghast in Easy A, Stone is a superb choice for a snarky g-buster. Despite rumors that she passed on a role in Ghostbusters 3, I’m holding out hope.

And for his last choice, a curveball. “I like this girl Linda Cardellini (“Mad Men”) a lot,” he said. Cardellini, in one way or another, keeps popping up in my life. First, it was as Velma in the live action Scooby Doo movies. Then Boy Meets World, Freaks and Geeks, ER, Robot Chicken, New Girl, Mad Men, and the list goes on. A perfect fit.

A female team of ghost-catchers certainly appeals to me. And if that team were to include the fantastic women proposed by Murray…well, I, for one, would not complain.

It’s entirely possible that we will get a female-centric team. Ivan Reitman, director and producer of the first two Ghostbusters installments, confirmed the rumor that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig was in negotiations for the next chapter of the saga.

“I know that the studio is negotiating with Paul, and I think it’s probably going to work out,” said Reitman. “There were always going to be women involved in the next iteration of ‘Ghostbusters.’ Paul seems to be the perfect director to sort of bring that about.”

Who would you choose for your Ghostbusters 3 dream team? Let us know in the comments!



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