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It is that time of year again when we dedicate an entire day to the hardworking women who sacrificed so much to make sure we were safe, grew up with manners, and…stayed alive! Mother’s Day is here again and we’re running down our list of the absolute best moms in pop culture history (according to the voices in our heads).

Betty Draper (Mad Men)

Being a wife in the ’60s meant staying at home with the kids and making your husband feel like a true king of his castle. Betty did all of this for her husband Don and her children all while being handicapped with numbness in her hands. She worked so hard it caused her to need to see a psychiatrist. Her love of her family and her need to care for her children drove her to sublime senility throughout the rest of her life.

Mallory Archer (Archer)

Not only did she raise one of the world’s deadliest of spies, but she runs a successful spy organization as well! Now she imparts her motherly wisdom to her grandson, while still leading Team Archer on dangerous missions to keep Americans safe on a daily basis. All while having a healthy thirst for adult beverages.

Kate McCallister (Home Alone)

The holidays can be tough on a family, with the pressures of hosting your extended family, buying and wrapping gifts, cooking meals, decorating your home, it’s enough to make anyone crazy. For Kate McCallister, she has to plan a trip to Paris for her family, which includes five children, the youngest being a rambunctious little 8-year-old, Kevin. In order to teach the young boy about the pitfalls of life and to make sure he’s not coddled, she leaves him home alone to fend for himself in a small suburb outside of Chicago. Not only did the boy learn to grocery shop, do laundry, and take care of himself, he also defended himself and his home against would-be robbers. Her care and wisdom even helped him survive alone in New York City.

Peggy Bundy (Married With Children)

Most moms slave all day long to make sure their families are healthy and happy. They work very hard to take care of their homes and their families. No one made that job look easier than Peggy Bundy. She was such a self-sustaining woman that her kids never even knew what she did all day. When her husband returned home from another rewarding day at a job he truly loved, Peggy was there on the couch waiting to shower him with love and bonbons, supporting him and his beloved memories of being a high school football star.

Talia al Ghul (Batman)

Talia searched high and low for a man to be worthy enough to be the father of her child, which led her to Bruce Wayne. Once she got what she needed from Bruce, she bore the heir to her father’s kingdom, little Damien. She raised him to be the new head of the League of Assassins, making sure he would be strong and smart enough to take over the family business. She sacrificed her own feelings, emotions, and desires to make sure her son grew up to the be the strongest heir to the demon. Talia is one of the greatest mothers in comic book history.

Alien Queen Mother (Aliens)

Much like the mothers in the animal kingdom here on Earth, the Alien Queen Mother is extremely protective of her children. She takes great measures to make sure she can lay her eggs in a safe and well-protected environment, and then ensures that the children can grow and feast in that same environment, making every surrounding their new home. She’s a fierce and ferocious creature, defending her young with great intensity. Mom’s around the world could take a few notes from the Alien Queen about defending their children and raising loyal subjects….I mean children.

Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Pamela did everything she could to take care of her poor little boy. When he died due to the actions of irresponsible camp counselors, Pamela took it upon herself to exact revenge upon those responsible. She wanted to make sure that no other child would be harmed by these immature and unruly people. She made sure that Camp Crystal Lake would forever be a safe place for children, and made Friday the 13th a day no one would forget. All in honor of her son Jason. Also, she’s quite skilled with a bowie knife.

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

It can be difficult to be the head of any household, but Cersei not only wins Mother of the Century, but she’s also the head of a nation! She runs the whole of Westeros while raising three children. Not only did she raise one son to be King, but a second as well, and when those two were taken away from her by the plotting of evil envious outsider, she reigned in their honor. She cares so deeply about her only daughter that she wages war with the Martells in seeking revenge for her death. Couldn’t ask for a more caring and selfless mother.

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Obviously, this list is a joke. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms that have a sense of humor.

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