Be Superman’s Superfan with the Fan Club Collector’s Kit!

Superman Fan Collector Kit

In the pre-internet era, snail mail fan clubs were a way for people to centralize around their faves. While they’ve been rendered obsolete by online fandom, there’s still a lot of nostalgia attached to fan club memorabilia. The Superman Fan Club Collector’s Kit will appeal to fans of all ages who want to add something a little more unique to their Superman collection!

The set includes all the fan club hallmarks of old: a membership card, a congratulatory letter and certificate, and of course a secret code book to help you communicate with other Superfans. There are items to help you show your fan pride wherever you go, like the Superman embroidered patch, pin, and membership ring. And of course there are more traditional collector items in the form of trading cards, a plastic Superman figure, and a tin box with PVC bust.

If you want one of these charming kits for yourself, you can pre-order one at Entertainment Earth now for delivery this summer!

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Superman Fan Collector Kit



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