Battlestar Galactica Movie Gets Writer and Possible Hunger Games Director

I watched the Battlestar Galactica 2004 reboot for the first time in the summer of 2014 and I was blown away. I’ve never seen the original, and I’m okay with that; the reboot is more than enough for me.

But it looks like that’s not enough for Hollywood.

A feature film, which is said to be a re-imagining of the original 1978 series, has been in the works for a while, but people are starting to come on board, which makes it entirely more real.

Lisa Joy (Westworld, Pushing Daisies) will be penning the script for the film, and is apparently taking into account the popularity of the 2004 series.

Furthermore, Francis Lawrence, who directed the last three installments of The Hunger Games, is circling the project to helm. He would replace the previously attached Bryan Singer.

It’s hard to imagine anything better or more effective than the 2004 series, even with its flaws, but I’m willing to keep an open mind. A re-imagining would also call for an entirely new cast, but the 2004 cast is still so fresh in my mind as being perfect in their roles.

Scott Stuber, Dylan Clark, and Michael De Luca are producing the film, which is a Universal project.

Are you excited for a BSG film? Comment below!

Source: TheWrap



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