Here’s Why the Todd Mcfarlane Batman Statue Is One of the Best from the Black and White Line

Following in its grand tradition of creating diverse portrayals of DC Comics’ most iconic hero, DC Collectibles asked the great Todd McFarlane to design the 100th statue in the Batman Black and White Statue line, and what the artist and writer have conceived is Black and White Batman at his most hauntingly majestic. Entertainment Earth will have it ready to be shipped in June 2020.

DC Comics

Fans of the Dark Knight will recognize him as the way McFarlane drew him on the cover of Batman Volume 1, #423. The statue displays Black and White Batman with his arms raised and his cape massive and flowing as if it has a life of its own. Both a symbol of terror to the villains of the world, and a symbol of hope to those in need of rescue, Black and White Batman Statue #100 has been designed with the same goal in mind as the other statues in the line: to represent the printed page in 3D form, and at 9 1/3-inches tall, this latest addition to the line more than achieves that goal.

Criminals will view it as a terrifying figure of vengeance. People in trouble will view it as their rescuer and savior. You, the collector, will view the new Batman Black and White Statue by Todd McFarlane as a great addition to your DC collection. Only 5,000 will be created and numbered, so take advantage of free shipping and pre-order it now for delivery in June 2020. The Masked Avenger waits for no one!



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