Batman the Vampire Hunting Vampire

We all know that Batman stalks the night looking for his next criminal to bring to justice. He hunts his prey much like a predator in the wild. He takes to the rooftops and the skies above Gotham, watching over the citizens below. He works at night and he hunts in the shadows. We all know Batman very well, but his habits and his style sound vaguely familiar to a vampire. Now, what if Batman were to run into one of these bloodsuckers? What if it was the most famous vampire of all, Dracula? Well, this actually happened… in the graphic novel Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, a DC Comics Elseworlds tale (basically an alternate “What if” reality).

Now, ripped right from the cover of the book, you can get a statue of Batman as a vampire! Inspired by the artwork of Francesco Francavilla, this version of Batman is unique, to say the least. He’s surrounded by a Wayne tombstone and an unearthed coffin filled with blood-red skulls of slain vampires. Vampire Batman doesn’t hunt people; he hunts his own kind, stalking the vampires of the world. The distinct features of vampire Batman make this piece an amazing conversation starter and exceptional addition to any collector’s display.

Order yours now and have a piece that will be the envy of your friends.

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