The Most Memorable Scene from Basic Instinct Is Preserved in This Statue

Is there a person alive who can resist her deadly seduction? The scene that made Sharon Stone a household name has been immortalized at last. No matter how old you were or how much cinema played a role in your life in 1992, you heard extensively about the smoking hot scene that takes place while Stone’s character is being interrogated. The Basic Instinct Catherine Tramell 1:4 Scale Statue is here to mark one of the most notorious moments in pop culture history. While the statue doesn’t come cheap, the details and quality will keep you rapt in attention.

Every film fan will want to get in on this one. This statue represents one of the absolute sexiest movie stars of American Cinema in the scene that pushed the envelope and shook the world of American censorship. The controversial scene where Catherine Tramell takes control of her own interrogation with her seductive beauty and carefully planned wardrobe malfunction is one of the most talked about of all time.

The statue is made using special fabrics to express the unmistakable costume silhouettes and natural wrinkles seen in the film. The chair is realistic, looking like it came straight out of the early 1990s. The other accessories, such as her heels and her cigarette, complete the scene, coming from celluloid to three dimensions seamlessly. Even the artistic coloring of the statue mirrors the lighting from the iconic scene. Measuring in at over a foot tall, this Basic Instinct statue will be a conversation piece that you will be glad to have in your collection. Pre-order your own Basic Instinct Catherine Tramell Statue now from Entertainment Earth!



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