All of the Barbies, Kens (and Others) You’ll See In the 2023 Barbie Movie – Full Cast & Characters

Hi Barbie! Grab whatever pink you have, put it on, and head into Barbieland and learn the names of the cast of the biggest summer blockbuster of 2023!

The Barbies

Margot Robbie – Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Margot Robbie has been all over the silver screen lately, having starred in the old hollywood big-budget film Babylon and as our fav Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad. Her acting skills can’t be denied, and even in James Gunn’s new DCU, we hope we’ll get to see more of her charismatic charm. Robbie stars as Stereotypical Barbie, the blonde haired, blue eyed fashionista who seems to be going through her own special existential crisis. This Barbie is on a mission! Even though she’s on a mission, she doesn’t ever forget to dress with style. Check her out in the blue plaid matching set and the pink gingham dress!

Issa Rae – President Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Issa Rae brings our fabulous President Barbie to life! Rae’s filmography is full of fantastic hits, including her own show, Insecure. You can also find Issa Rae in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and The Lovebirds. As for President Barbie, you’re going to have to watch Barbie a few more times if you want to see more of her! This Barbie was a doll created purely for this movie!

Emma Mackey – Physics Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Physics Barbie is one of the smartest Barbies in Barbieland (she even has a Nobel Prize!), and Emma Mackey’s looks and charisma brings this Barbie to the forefront of viewer’s memories. Said to have been cast because she and Margot Robbie could be sisters, Mackey’s filmography has a few hilarious roles, including one on the hit Netflix series Sex Education, alongside her Barbie co-star Ncuti Gatwa. While Physics Barbie isn’t actually a real thing, you can pick up Scientist Barbie, who has been part of the line-up since 2017!

Hari Nef – Doctor Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Barbieland needs a doctor! Who else could save Ken whenever he does something a little dumb? Hari Nef portrays Barbieland’s smart medical professional, and she does a fantastic job! Her line reading has even been called “Jennifer Coolidge-esque” by some viewers. Looking to find more of Hari Nef? You can find her in the Emmy nominated Amazon series Transparent, and more recently, in HBO’s The Idol. If you’re hoping to live out some your own medical dreams, look no further than the Barbie Doctor Doll!

Dua Lipa – Mermaid Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Famed pop-star Dua Lipa has a cameo of sorts as Mermaid Barbie, appearing only for a few second a number of times (and also has one of the hottest songs of the soundtrack), but its so much fun every time she does! Ms. Dua is one of the hottest popstars of the 2020s for sure, with hits such as Levitating and New Rules. The Mermaid Barbie was a pretty hot release as well when it launched in 2012 as a limited release doll. Now, you can get the Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Doll and live out those under-the-sea dreams!

Kate McKinnon – Weird Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Every girl had a Weird Barbie, you made them that way by playing with them! Kate McKinnon brings this Barbie to life perfectly – her comedic timing and fantastic line readings really make this character land. McKinnon’s rise to fame started with her time on Saturday Night Live, and since leaving the show during their 47th season, she’s become a full blown move star, having been in movies like Ghostbusters, Rough Night, and Bombshells (which also starred Margot Robbie)

Sharon Rooney – Lawyer Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

The Scottish actress Sharon Rooney is our Lawyer Barbie, who speaks confidently every time she opens her mouth. Rooney is best known for the Scottish tv series My Mad Fat Diary. You can also find Rooney in the television shows The Teacher and The Control Room. 

Ana Cruz Kayne – Judge Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Judge Barbie is here to lay down the law! Played by actress Ana Cruz Kayne, Judge Barbie’s role in Barbieland (and the plot of the movie itself) is vital! Cruz had previously been seen in Gerwig’s other directorial film Little Women. If you’re hoping to take home a Judge Barbie yourself, you’re in luck! The Judge Barbie was released in 2020 as part of Mattel’s Career Barbie line, and it definitely stuck the landing.

Alexandra Shipp – Author Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Here comes our Author Barbie! Portrayed by Alexandra Shipp, Author Barbie wrote her very own novel (something I’ve been meaning to do for a while). Shipp gained traction after her role in the Lifetime movie as the singer Aliyah in Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and in the oscar-nominated film Straight Outta Compton. You can also find Shipp in the fantastic movie-musical Tik Tik… Boom!.

Ritu Arya – Journalist Barbie

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Where would we be without Journalist Barbie? Portrayed by Ritu Arya in the film, Journalist Barbie is one of the career Barbies that helps Barbieland succeed! Currently, you can pick up a photojournalist Barbie, a news anchor Barbie, or specifically, an Ida B. Wells Barbie, who was an incredibly famous journalist and activist! Looking for more Ritu Arya? She just starred in the Indian film Polite Society, which is currently streaming on Peacock.

H3: Molly Peyton White – Fashion Designer Barbie

You might’ve missed her, but this Fashion Designer Barbie shows up in one of the scenes of the movie, played by Molly Peyton White! A computer game was actually created for this Barbie in 1996, where you could dress up your Barbies and send them down the runway! Having this Barbie in this movie was an incredibly call back, and definitely made the movie feel unique for doll collectors. As for Molly Peyton White, she’s just starting out her acting career. You can check out her IMDB here. 

The Kens

Ryan Gosling – Ken

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

The Stereotypical Ken of the Barbie movie, we couldn’t have this movie without him! Ken’s entire journey is almost as integral to the plot as Barbie’s is, and within Gosling’s fantastic performance the film just wouldn’t have been the same. Gosling is a household name at this point, having starred in films like Blade Runner 2049, The Notebook, and La La Land. This actor is a fan favorite by this point, and you might even see him get nominated at this years Oscars. You can find Ken looking fantastic in these new Barbie Movie dolls, like here in his striped matching set or here in his wonderful, fashionable denim outfit.

Simu Liu – Ken

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

These Kens are all over the place! Stereotypical Ken’s main rival, Ken, does a fantastic job taking up the spotlight, making sure that Barbie knows he’s the man. Played by Simu Liu of Shang Chi fame, Liu brings a ton of charisma to a character that shares his name with half the cast. Hoping to see Liu again? You can find him in the tv show Kim’s Convenience.

H3: Kingsley Ben-Adir – Ken

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Another adorable Ken, you can find this Ken always with Gosling’s Ken making the best expressions! One could watch the whole movie just starring at him, and still be entertained! If you’re interested in Ben-Adir’s career beyond Barbie, you can find him in the hit Netflix shows The OA and Peaky Blinders.

Scott Evans – Ken

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Another Ken? How many of these guys are there? A bunch. A lot. This Ken is brought to life in Barbieland by none other than Scott Evans, best known for his recurring role in Grace and Frankie. Scott Evans is also Chris Evan’s (Captain America) brother!

Ncuti Gatwa – Ken

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Like we mentioned before, Ncuti Gatwa is the castmate of Physics Barbie Emma Mackey in the hit Netflix show Sex Education, which has its season 4 premier later this year. His Ken is incredibly charming as well, often seen with Bed-Adir’s and Gosling’s Kens. If you’re looking for a fashion icon among the Kens, he’s the one to look for! You can also find Gatwa in the latest season of Doctor Who as the 15th Doctor, which airs December of this year.

Everyone Else in Barbie World

America Ferrera – Gloria

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

America Ferrera, famous for her roles in Ugly Betty and Superstore, joins the Barbies and Kens as a human from The Real World. Ferrera’s performance definitely can’t be missed! From her comedic lines to her dramatic deliveries, Ferrera brings it all to the Barbie stage, perfecting the the humanity that her character Gloria has to have. If you want your own Gloria doll, you can look right here!

Emerald Fennell – Midge

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Midge is one of the most controversial Barbies of all time. As the “Pregnant Barbie” in the movie, Midge is seen as a little bit of an outcast. However, in The Real World, when Midge’s doll first launched in 1963, she wasn’t even pregnant! She was merely Barbie’s best friend. But by 2003, when she was reintroduced as part of the Happy Family line, Midge was pregnant, complete with a removable pregnant belly. In the film, Midge is portrayed by Emerald Fennel, an actor/director best known for directing Promising Young Woman and being in The Crown.

Michael Cera – Allan

Image Credit: Barbie Twitter Movie

A quintessential teen star of the 2000s, Michael Cera’s Allan is just as important to the cast of Barbie as the Kens are! His dry delivery in this all-around colorful story is a must-have. The Juno and Arrested Development star feels right at home among the rest of the cast here. As for the doll he plays, Allan feels not so at home as he is the only Allan that has ever been produced. In real life, Allan was made as a “buddy” to Ken, and all of Ken’s clothes fit him! Pick up this doll if you’re looking to really add something really unique to your Barbie collection.

Ariana Greenblatt – Sasha

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

The daughter of America Ferrera’s Gloria, Sasha has quite the thunderous role in Barbie’s life.  Ariana Greenblatt brings the sassy teen to the silver screen. Having appeared in a few blockbusters before this (65, Avengers: Infinity War), Greenblatt is not new to the spotlight. Hoping to catch more Ariana? You can also find her in the Disney Channel Original Series Stuck in the Middle alongside Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega, now streaming on Disney+.

Helen Mirren – Narrator

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

The award-winning actress, Dame Helen Mirren, is considered to be one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Mirren is one of the only actresses to have won both the British and the American Triple Crowns of Acting. While only the narrator of this fabulous tale, you can find Mirren in a multitude of different films, including Fast Five, National Treasure, and Shazam: Fury of the Gods.

Will Ferrell – Mattel CEO

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Barbie is famously owned by Mattel, one of the biggest toy companies in the world. So of course Mattel has a role in this one! Played by comedic genius Will Ferrell, the CEO has some hilarious lines. Ferrell’s other famous roles include Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Elf.

Jamie Demetriou – Mattel Executive

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Paired up with Ferrell’s CEO, Jamie Demetriou appears as one of the Mattel Executives in the Mattel posse. Demetriou can also be seen in the Amazon Prime award winning series Fleabag.

Connor Swindells – Intern / Aaron Dinkins

Image Credit: Barbie Movie Twitter

Lastly, Connor Swindells makes an impression as Aaron Dinkins, a Mattel intern who gets caught up in the Barbie drama. Connor can also be seen among the cast of Sex Education, alongside his co-stars Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa.



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