Transform Into a Magical Girl with Sailor Moon Prop Replicas

Sailor Moon Moon Sticks

If you want to transform into a magical girl heroine, then you need Bandai’s Sailor Moon Henshin Stick prop replicas!

Henshin is the Japanese word for “transform” and we all know those are some of the best parts of Sailor Moon.

The leader of our scouts, Sailor Moon herself, has two Moon Sticks that she uses to transform into the heroine who can defeat all the darkness from the world.

From season one comes the Moon Stick, a pink rod with a golden crescent moon and pink jewel at the top. The Cutie Moon Rod, once again pink and gold, features stars, hearts, and wings, as Sailor Moon uses it to perform Moon Princess Halation, an attack to take down her enemies.

The last two prop replicas are Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars’ Star Power Sticks. Boasting their colors, blue and red respectively, these rods feature stars at the top with their planet’s symbol. They use these rods to transform into their Sailor Senshi uniforms and fight alongside Sailor Moon.

Each prop replica measures 7 1/2-inches tall and comes with a special display stand.

Join the Sailor Scouts and embrace your own transformation! These Henshin Sticks are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, along with the case which you can order with free shipping!

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» Pre-Order Sailor Moon Moon Stick Prop Replica

Sailor Moon Moon Stick

» Pre-Order Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod Prop Replica

Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod

» Pre-Order Sailor Moon Henshin Stick Mercury Prop Replica

Sailor Mercury Star Stick

» Pre-Order Sailor Moon Henshin Stick Mars Prop Replica

Sailor Mars Star Stick

» Pre-Order Sailor Moon Stick and Rod Prop Replica Custom Case

Sailor Moon Stick Rod Case



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