Add the Fiery Sailor Mars to Your Sailor Moon Crystal Statue Collection

Sailor Mars Figuarts Statue

The Soldier of War is ready to step into the fray of your collection! With the Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Mars Figuarts Zero Statue from Bandai Tamashii Nations, you’re one step closer to having all the Sailor Senshi!

She joins leader Sailor Moon and fellow soldier, Sailor Mercury, to take on the forces of evil.

With a fiery personality, Rei Hino uses her Mars Power, Make Up to become Sailor Mars, beautifully depicted here from the new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal.

She dons a playful, winking appearance as she raises a finger to coyly say “don’t mess with me,” in her red and purple uniform.

Her long, black hair cascades down her back and translucent effects makes it seem to shimmer and change colors.

She measures 7-inches tall in 1:10 scale and Sailor Moon fans will not want to miss out on this great piece! She’s available for pre-order and expected to arrive next fall.

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Sailor Mars Figuarts Statue

Sailor Mars Figuarts Statue



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