You will Find Dory Comfortable in Plush Form

13 years ago, Finding Nemo took audiences by storm. It was hard to imagine that the adventures of a little, under grown clownfish somewhere off the coast of Australia would break such narrative ground. The folks at Pixar did it again this summer with the long awaited sequel, Finding Dory. Visually stunning, this movie is also told with a lot of heart. While the internet has been warning folks not to go out and fill their aquariums with wild-caught Dory fish just because the movie is a favorite, you can still take Dory home in larger-than-life plush form.

This Bandai Finding Dory Plush Set is the perfect company for anyone who loves ocean life and oxygen in equal measures. Of course, the real magic behind this movie is in the rich and intricate characters. This set includes the three stars of the movie, Dory, Nemo, and Hank.

While Nemo and Dory are familiar from 2003’s Finding Nemo, Hank is a newcomer. Or is he? It turns out that Hank may be one of Pixar’s oldest characters. In fact, there are videos running around the internet that show us that Hank has been hiding in every single Pixar movie to date! Wow!

These plush characters measure in at 10-inches and are fully licensed, being the actual characters from the movie and not just generic ocean dwellers. Just like the movies, these are loveable for both children and parents. You can order yours now at Entertainment Earth!

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Finding Dory Plush Set



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