Bored of Blur? Check Out 17 New Backgrounds to Try in Your Next Meeting

Don’t you get tired of looking at the same old boring (or worse!) backgrounds behind the people in your virtual meetings? Spice things up and get the show going with a bang with these cool virtual backgrounds from Entertainment Earth! There are 17 to choose from, ranging from San Diego Comic-Con, to gladiator arenas, sharks, and talk show… and more! With one of these behind you on their viewscreens, you’ll be the highlight of the meeting and they’ll be oh so jealous. Take your pick, and start saving your Entertainment Earth virtual collection!

1. Must download faster!

With this imposing image behind you in your next meeting, the attendees might be wondering how long you’ll last before that T-Rex catches and gobbles you up. On the other hand, maybe he’s on your side and they’re the ones who need to watch out. Fun and conversation-starting, you’ve got to get one of these!


2. What’s for Dinner?

With a host of sharks lurking and circling around you in this captivating undersea virtual background, you’ll certainly create an effect on anyone participating in one of your meetings.

Shark Invested Waters

3. San Diego Comic-Con or Bust!

Join Entertainment Earth at San Diego Comic-Con with this terrific virtual background featuring our very popular two-story booth and some people in line to get their favorite new toy or collectible signed by the guest celebrities inside. Even if you can’t make it to the show, you can look like you’re there with this background.

San Diego Comic-Con

4. Welcome to My Meeting, Pardner

Conduct your next meeting in the old west with this unique virtual background featuring a calm, quiet western town with buildings, horses, and a sky that’s bound to catch your eye. You don’t have to wear a six-gun when you sit in front of this, but it might be a good idea. You never know…

Western Town

5. Guard Your Brains!

If zombies and the undead are more your style, have we got the virtual background for you! Crawling with the creepy creatures and boasting a barn bearing the words “All Dead – Do Not Enter,” it sets the mood for a fascinating meeting no one will forget as long as they live!


6. Host Your Own Talk Show!

Have you ever wanted to host a talk show? Well, heeeere’s your chance to turn your next meeting into something Jay Leno would be proud of.

Late Night Talk Show

7. See the Light at the End of Your Meeting

Daylight breaks through the trees and into this beautiful and mysterious swamp scene. What will your meeting attendees think when they see this? What will their reaction be? One thing is for sure: They’ll be impressed with the background and with you for selecting it!


8. Take Your Next Meeting to the Streets

If you’re afraid your meeting might break out into a street fight, or you want to spoof that possibility to give everyone a good laugh, place this fantastic virtual background behind you. It might even remind someone of a video game or comic they know of where the rumble takes to the streets!

The City

9. Your Meetings Will Be Out of This World!

Take your meetings out of this world with this sensational space-themed virtual background featuring sci-fi gizmos and gadgets galore and a breathtaking swirling image of the great unknown. Your fellows might not know exactly what they’re looking at, but we’ll bet the like it.


10. Break the Ice with This!

Won’t you look amazing in front of this striking background themed to a frozen ice cave? It’s doubtful that anyone else in your meetings will display anything as “cool” as this, and it will certainly act as an “ice-breaker” to get the show started!

Snow Cave

11. Go Extraterrestrial with Your Meeting!

Greet your meeting attendees from the dark planet of… well, whatever you choose to call it! Let them take in the mysterious and mesmerizing landscape and the floating islands and ponder what equally interesting subjects and outcomes this meeting might hold.

Nocturna 9

12. Duke It Out!

If your meetings get a little contentious at times, you may want to display this mixed martial arts Octagon behind you. It could make you look tough, but then again, it just might lighten the mood instead. Either way, it’s sure to be fun!

MMA Octagon

13. For the Gladiator in All of Us

Or maybe you prefer the roar of the lions and cheers of the rabid crowd as you position yourself in front of this gladiator arena-themed backdrop. At least you’ll have a sword and shield to protect yourself if the meeting gets out of hand!


14. Out of the Woods and into Your Meeting

Sunlight filters through the boughs to illuminate the lush green grass in this almost ethereal background featuring a quiet and serene forest scene. Be the one in your meetings who brings some calm and aesthetics to the table!


15. Satisfy Your Thirst for an Awesome Background!

Picture yourself in this barren and sand-blown desert with no companion other than that creepy giant skeleton for company. And the folks in your meeting, of course. Are you thirsty yet? You can bet your fellow attendees will be reaching for their water bottles before the meeting ends!


16. Start Your Meeting with a Laugh

Your counterparts will get a kick out of seeing this hilarious image behind you, especially if you’re sitting directly below the claw! The bears and other prizes are also entertaining, and they’re adorable. This virtual background is a can’t-miss!

Claw Machine

17. Rule Your Meetings!

Show your fellow meeting attendees that you’re the king of your castle with this impressive fortification behind you. There are pendants and parapets and towers, plus a beautiful sunset in the distance.


If you’re late to the party, don’t worry. Directions for Zoom are here; Teams can be found here.



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