Watch the Real Doc Brown and Marty McFly Arrive in 2015 on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Back to the Future Day may be over (it’s heavy) but that doesn’t mean the celebration has to be.

Last night, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in-character as Doc Brown and Marty McFly, respectively. I don’t know how Kimmel got so lucky – he probably sold his soul to the Hollywood gods.

The premise of the sketch is this: the day is October 21, 2015 and Doc and Marty arrive in the future, right in the middle of Kimmel’s show!

The three go back and forth discussing the future, with Kimmel revealing to the time-travelers that flying cars and hoverboards don’t really exist yet, but we do have cronuts!

The real gem of the video is when they get to smartphones, and Doc Brown discovering that smartphones are not used by astrophysicists to solve complex equations.

It’s all-around a great segment, if a little surreal, and by far one of the best parts about yesterday was seeing Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox embrace the day alongside us.

Did you have a good Back to the Future Day? What do you think of Doc Brown and Marty discovering what 2015 really holds?

Doc Brown and Marty McFly Arrive in the Future



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