The First Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Is Here!

So far, Marvel has given us seventeen movies (eighteen after Black Panther comes out in February) that have been intricately woven together into one shared universe featuring some of the most iconic comic book characters ever drawn. They’ve done so nearly flawlessly. Of the seventeen already released, it’s difficult at times to find an MCU film that people don’t like. For the most part, they’ve all been handled with such care and detail for both the diehard fans and the casual moviegoers. Now, if all indicators are accurate, the ninteenth movie is coming and it will change how the MCU looks going forward. Avengers: Infinity War is a culmination of all of these movies, colliding together in one cosmic explosion of a film. And today, the world was graced with its first look at this star-studded epic tale.

What did this trailer tell us? Thanos is here and he wants his Infinity Stones. The trailer also tells us that it’s going to take every character we’ve ever met in all eighteen of the previous films in order to attempt to stop Thanos from achieving his goal. Oh…and Black Widow is blonde now, likely due to being incognito and on the run and whatnot from the events of Captain America: Civil War. Also, Steve Rogers has a manly beard too. But facial hair and dye jobs aside, our favorite Avengers (and Guardians) are all here in this trailer and they mean serious business. While the last few MCU films have been filled with much more humor (Thor: Ragnarok Guardians Vol 2 specifically), I think we can assume that we’ll still have a chuckle here and there, this movie will be quite serious and dramatic. I’d wager that it’ll be the darkest of all the MCU films, with the potential to see some of our favorites killed off in heroic fashion.

From the trailer, we can tell that the “War” part of the title is no exaggeration. It appears a massive ground battle will take place in Wakanda with lots of Black Panther’s people helping lead the charge with Bucky (Winter Soldier) at his side. Peter Parker’s spidey senses tingling as he’s on his way to school, sensing the impending danger in his city, while Tony Stark and Bruce Banner with Doctor Strange and Wong are on the scene ready to fight whatever awaits them and the floating ring thingie (probably some interstellar portal?). This paragraph made me smile, much like watching this trailer did. Why? So many fantastic characters in one giant movie and this time…they’ll be working together!

Avengers: Infinity War marks the beginning of the end for this first long over-arching storyline featuring the gems and Thanos. It’s going to wrap up a lot of the stories and could start a few new ones as the next phase begins to take shape. For now, get that man a shield and let’s all fast forward to May 4th to see this movie already!

What did you think of the trailer? Are you more excited for this smorgasbord of characters thrown into one movie? What did you like most about the trailer and what are you excited to see in the movie?



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