Avatar 2 Won’t Face Star Wars in 2017, Unclear Whether It’ll Happen at All

While it’s still true that Star Wars: Episode VIII won’t be coming out until December 2017, it’s no longer true that it’ll be going up against Avatar 2.

In fact, whether or not Avatar 2 will be happening at all is up in the air.

The film’s studio, 20th Century Fox, confirmed to TheWrap that they’ve taken it off their schedule completely as it won’t be ready by Christmas 2017, despite director James Cameron saying it would be.

I can’t say I’m surprised – Avatar is the film that made an impact for a couple months and, despite being the financially biggest global film in history, hasn’t had any sort of long-lasting effect.

It’s a universe that only Cameron seems to want to continue, and maybe now we’re starting to see the cracks get deeper and bigger.

In the past, Cameron has said he has at least three more films planned for this franchise, but how likely is that? It remains unclear at this point, but certainly the more time that passes, the less relevant this film becomes (not that it was particularly relevant to begin with).

How do you feel about Avatar 2 being delayed? Do you want to see this franchise continue? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TheWrap



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