These Resin Statues Come From a Galaxy Far, Far Away


These are the collectibles you’re looking for. Be one with the Force now that Star Wars resin statues by Attakus are here to join your collection!

There’s a price on your head and he’s come to collect. Boba Fett is back and badder than ever with the 7 1/2-Inch resin statue. This hunter is here to amass his bounty, so add him to your collection today and prepare to defend the galaxy against the dastardly dark side. Don’t let Boba Fett shoot first – pull the trigger on this fantastic statue!

Don’t call him a mindless philosopher – for all his clunky metal and clattering limbs, C-3PO is truly wise. C-3PO comes to you coated in gold with a silver finish along his shin.

From a galaxy far, far away comes the Stormtrooper 7 1/2–Inch statue. Poised in a commanding stance with his blaster at the ready, this soldier is prepared for a tussle against that pesky Rebel Alliance. This impressive statue is ready to join forces with your collection, so check him out. After all, Stormtroopers may miss every shot but that doesn’t mean you have to!

R2-D2, where are you? In your collection, of course! R2-D2 comes in 4-inch form, complete with rust along his “legs” showing that this ‘bot has seen a lot.

But those aren’t the only collectibles you’re looking for. Also from Attakus come Yoda in 3-inch form, Darth Vader as a 4-inch resin statue, Emperor Palpatine on the Imperial throne coming in at 7 inches, the Royal Guard at 8-inches, and finally Jango Fett at 7 1/2-inches.

The Force is beckoning… with whom will you ally? Find out with these Star Wars resin statues, now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with an expected arrival date of January 2016 and free shipping (save for Yoda).

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» Pre-Order Boba Fett 7 1/2-Inch Resin Statue

Boba Fett Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Yoda 3-Inch Resin Statue

Yoda Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Stormtrooper 7 1/2-Inch Resin Statue

Stormtrooper Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Royal Guard 8-Inch Resin Statue

Royal Guard Resin Statue

» Pre-Order R2-D2 4-Inch Resin Statue

R2-D2 Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Jango Fett 7 1/2-Inch Resin Statue

Episode II Jango Fett 7 1/2-Inch Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Emperor Palpatine 7-Inch Resin Statue

Emperor Palpatine 7-Inch Resin Statue

» Pre-Order Star Wars Darth Vader Resin Statue

Star Wars Darth Vader Resin Statue

» Pre-Order C-3PO Resin Statue

C-3PO Resin Statue



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