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Here’s Why the Aquaman One:12 Collective Action Figure Will Change the Way You Think about Aquaman Collectibles

Since Aquaman’s 1941 debut in DC Comics More Fun Comics #73, he has been one of the longest running of DC’s superheroes. Yet the half-human, half-Atlantean created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger hasn’t always gotten the attention he deserves. He’s appeared in many DC publications, such as the aforementioned More Fun Comics, as well as Adventure Comics, Showcase, World’s Finest Comics, and Action Comics. He even had his own comic book series, which ran for 56 issues way back when. Nevertheless, the King of Atlantis has been more or a less a secondary superhero to bigger names in the DC canon like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, even though Aquaman was one of the original founders of the Justice League of America.

Lately, however, things have been looking up for the half-human, half Atlantean. A darker, more brooding version of the character in the 90s did much to change the too wholesome reputation the character had developed. And he’s only become more dynamic through the years since, as recently as DC’s Aquaman: Rebirth series in 2016. And, of course, let’s not forget the 2018 movie Aquaman, which grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide, making it the highest grossing of all the movies of the last several years set in the DC movie universe.

Now Mezco honors the classic hero from the comics with its new Aquaman Classic Comic Version One:12 Collective Action Figure. And the ruler over the denizens of the deep sea has never looked more exciting. Due out from Entertainment Earth in December 2019, the figure shows him decked out in the iconic scaled soft armor and finned Atlantean wet suit of the comics. The amazingly detailed sculpturing includes his “A” shaped belt buckle, neckline, gloves, and boots. Three different head portraits allow for different looks, and shoulder armor allows him to carry his well-known trident and the king’s Atlantean crown. Other features include 4 pairs of hands for holding his trident, posing, swimming, and making fists for the inevitable fight against his enemies. Order now for delivery in December and get free shipping.

Aquaman is no longer a secondary superhero. He is the king and ruler of all the creatures of the sea, and Mezco’s new Aquaman Classic Comic Version One: 12 Collective Action Figure enhances his legend. Long live the King!




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