So Huggable! Get Attached to This Aliens Facehugger Prop Replica

With the resurrected Alien franchise striking hot with this summer’s release of Alien: Covenant, nostalgia for the original films is high. Still a cinematic classic, James Cameron’s Aliens is a crowning achievement among sci-fi/horror films. The franchise spawned memorable characters like Ripley and the Xenomorph alien, however none as memorable as the facehugger. The second stage of the life cycle of the Xenomorph alien, the facehugger attaches itself to its host face. Who wouldn’t want one for their own home?

This amazing Aliens Facehugger Prop Replica stands 28-inches tall and terrifyingly looks like it’s movie inspiration. Posed in the moment before it strikes its would-be-host, the bony appendages are outstretched and ready to hug! This is a museum quality replica made from heavyweight polystone and hand painted with extreme detail.

The Facehugger Prop Replica is a limited run of only 500 pieces and it guarantees to sell quickly. Preorder yours today before they find themselves with other hosts, and you’re just left with your regular facehugger-less face!



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