These Adult Swim Mini-Figures Are a True Surprise


For the last fifteen years, Adult Swim has been the go-to block of late night programming for those who love cartoons that are a bit more alternative, strange, and questionable than the usual kid’s show.

Now, Kidrobot and Cartoon Network are teaming up again to present the Adult Swim Mini-Figure 4-Pack, a collection of 24 randomly chosen blind-boxed mini-figures that cover Adult Swim classics old and new! These are a must for any Venture Brothers fan to have.

Characters selected are from a wide range of shows including Rick & Morty, the Venture Brothers, Samurai Jack, Fish Center, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, Too Many Cooks – and surprisingly the cult-classic app Robot Unicorn Attack!

Adult Swim has proven time and again that cartoons don’t have to be for kids, and these mini-figures agree (since they’re recommended for ages 15+).

This set is available now! And won’t linger for long, so act quick and order now!




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