Accessorize with LoungeFly’s Star Wars Bags, Purses, and Wallets

LoungeFly Star Wars

Whether you’re a Rebel, an Imperial, a Jedi, or a Sith, you’ll need something to carry all your gear around. (Even the Force sensitive need to have their hands free from time to time, like during impassioned lightsaber battles or daring spaceship escapes.)

Luckily, LoungeFly has a line of accessories from a galaxy far, far away that covers every need!

With their fabulous array of purses, laptop cases, backpacks, pencil bags, and wallets, you can show your appreciation for the greatest space opera from shoulder to pocket.

Going back to school? Then you definitely need a comic book panel backpack and matching pencil case. A geek on the go? Be sure to order the Ewok laptop case! Or maybe you just think your money will be safer with the ever-reliable Artoo keeping guard on your new tri-fold wallet?

Choose from a variety of different styles: movie posters, manga, tattoo pin-up, or photo-realistic art.

If you’re an old fan or a new, LoungeFly has you covered! Order your bags, purses, and wallets today and we’ll ship the moment they arrive — it may take slightly longer than twelve parsecs, but then there is only one Millennium Falcon




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