DC Comics Causes Some Shake-Ups and Cancels 5 Titles by the End of the Year


The comics industry is a tough one – one minute you’re reading a comic, the next thing you know it’s been canceled. It’s nothing new, but still a more unfortunate part of being a fan. Well, brace yourselves DC fans because DC Comics is canceling five titles by the end of the year.

From its main universe, Comic Book Resources reveals Justice League United, Gotham by Midnight, The Omega Men, Lobo, and Doomed are all set to come to an end.

The first four will end in December.

Justice League United’s last issue will be #16 (it originally debuted in April 2014); Gotham by Midnight will end with #12, originally debuting in November 2014; The Omega Men, which received critical acclaim, will end with #7; and Lobo’s last issue will be #13.

Doomed, a new twist on the villain Doomsday, didn’t make it into the December solicitations so it will end with its November #6 issue.

Plenty of the people behind these series continue to have other work at DC. Jeff Parker, the writer of Justice League United, has the fun miniseries Batman ’66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. starting in December, for example.

These aren’t the only changes, either. Catwoman is getting a new creative team with writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda, starting with the December #47 issue. Genevieve Valentine, the original writer, will continue with Batman and Robin Eternal.

Phew. See? I told you it can be rough.

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