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30th Anniversary Voltron Jumbo Lion Figure

Voltron Jumbo Lion

Toynami gives Voltron the Jumbo treatment with this Voltron 30th Anniversary Jumbo Lion 24-Inch Action Figure. This retro vinyl rendition of the Defender of the Universe celebrates Voltron’s 30th Anniversary. Voltron looks great on any shelf and is a delightful addition to any figure collection.

This Voltron Jumbo Lion towers at a colossal 24 inches tall. The Voltron Jumbo Lion features spring-loaded firing fists and freewheeling rolling feet. The Voltron Jumbo Lion represents the five team members who team up to pilot Voltron.

Perfect for the collector, this 30th anniversary Voltron figure belongs in the home of all Voltron fans. This awesome figure is just like the classic giant robots you knew and loved from the 1970s.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe ran on television from 1984 to 1985. The Voltron Lion Force consists of the five Galaxy Alliance explorers who seek out the five Lions of Voltron to drive away the evil king Zarkan and his forces. The team pilots a giant robot known as Voltron.

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Voltron Jumbo Lion



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