25 Best Halloween Costumes of 2014

Ready to laugh? Or to cringe with fear? It’s Halloween, and we’re celebrating with the top costumes of the year! Entertainment Earth presents to you, the 25 best Halloween Costumes of 2014! Tell us which ones are your favorites!

1. 4-year-old Girl Alien

2. LEGO movie Kid

3. Popemobile

4. Spooky Santa

5. Leia and Jabba

6. Marty McFly

7. Don’t believe him when he says he is paralyzed from birth. He is two faced.

8. Baby Queen

9. Baby UP Costume

10. Using the Force to take a Selfie

11. Scariest Ninja!

12. Chucky Child

13. Jawas Children

14. Darth Vader

15. Hocus Pocus

16. Poor Nemo!

17. How to make others uncomfortable with your Nightmare Before Christmas costume.

18. Darth Dad

19. Kevin Bacon

20. Long. Live. The King.

21. A spooky duo

22. Outright scary costume! And it gets worse…

23. Here’s worse.

24. Futurama!

25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume



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