Geek Headlines: New Captain Marvel Stills, Movie Trailers, Monster Milkshakes, and More!

Crazy Rich Asians may still hold the number one spot at the box office, but upcoming thriller The Nun may start creeping its way up this weekend. As the third installment in The Conjuring franchise, the R-rated horror flick earned a spine-tingling $5.4 million from Thursday night’s previews despite lackluster reviews. The Predator remake dropping soon and a new Halloween on the horizon, September is going to be a good month for horror.

Check Out The Latest Captain Marvel Stills

If you feel like the last few months have brought about a dry spell when it comes to superhero releases, you’re not alone. Fortunately, this latest Marvel sneak peek is just the teaser we’ve been waiting for. From EW comes exclusive new images showcasing Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) in all her superhero glory. Details are still forthcoming.

Evil Is Real: Check Out the New Halloween Trailer

There’s no question that the Halloween franchise has been full of hits and misses. The last original release, Halloween H2O, was a great return to form, but the series has often been marred by a line of lackluster remakes and awkward one-offs. Fortunately, the latest installment looks to hark back to the original, promising a familiar story with tons of chilling twists, turns, and Jamie Lee Curtis kicking all kinds of brotherly butt.

Nothing Wrong With Disney’s New Nutcracker Trailer

And on a lighter note, the latest Nutcracker trailer dropped to very little buzz, which is strange considering how spectacular it looks. With an amazing cast of A-list actors, breathtaking cinematography, and one of the most beloved holiday stories of all time, the latest release could end up being a massive hit. 

Mattel’s New Film Division to Start Developing Movies Based On Toys

Image: Los Angeles Times

Wondering why there aren’t as many films about new toys as there are about old ones? Maybe Robbie Brenner can help. As head of the new Mattel Films division, Brenner will be tasked with developing and producing films based on the company’s properties. As the producer of The Dallas Buyers Club and other Hollywood hits, your toys are in good hands. Here’s to Hot Wheels the Movie!

Check Out These Awesome Monster Cereal Recipes

Image: Nerdist

Halloween’s still a few months away, but Entertainment Earth is already getting into the spirit with these classic Monster Cereal Tikis. All your favorite figureheads are here – Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry. With a hefty weight, cool look, and tons of style to boot, you can start your breakfast off the scary way. Plus, our friends at Nerdist even whipped up their own raunchy recipes for Monster Cereal Milk and Monster Milkshakes. Grab a few tikis and try them out today.



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