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This article contains spoilers for The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham

The full suite of DCTV shows (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, plus Gotham) may not be back in full swing just yet, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t still plenty of excitement this week. With the return of The Flash and Arrow –adding to the excitement of Gotham – we have plenty to touch base on!

Gotham Season 3,  Episode 3

Image: FOX

Image: FOX

Let’s start with Gotham since the baby Caped Crusader has been back for a few weeks! The show doesn’t just focus on young Bruce and Jim Gordon; it’s been a window into the origins of all our favorite villains as well. Some folks can’t get around the fact that the show isn’t close to comic book accurate. But I have to say that they’re missing out.

The underbelly of Gotham City has a lot more baddies now that Dr. Hugo Strange’s creations have gotten free. But this week, the Mad Hatter was the focus. With the help of Gordon, The hypnotist was on a mission to find his sister, young Alice, and things unraveled as one would expect in Gotham Jim found Alice, only to get the tip that the Hatter isn’t as kind as he may seem. Jim’s lost a lot over the past year – much of it his own fault – and it’s left him without much will to live. We got a glimpse at just how close to the edge he is after The Hatter told him to jump. The fact that he almost did is pretty disconcerting, considering the note earlier on in the episode that Hatter cannot make anyone do something that they don’t want to do deep down.

Besides the Hatter’s misadventures and Jim’s despair – Bruce has found the brother he always wanted. Except he didn’t. 3.5148 or Bruce 2.0 started off cute and scared, but ended creepy as all get out. Sporting a new haircut and a stolen car, Bruce 2.0 went off to whisk a distraught Selina away to find her friend. This will end well.

Because art mirrors life, we’ve got Oswald is running for office with “Make Gotham Safe Again” as his campaign slogan. He’s on a mission to get rid of everyone different, and he’s not worried about who he hurts, kills, or maims in the process. He got his bestie out of Arkham, too! Edward Nygma is sane! Nygmobblepot shall rule the streets! Or, that’s obviously what the Penguin believes.

Last, but certainly not least, Lee’s shacked up with a Falcone. This won’t end terribly at all!

The Flash Season 3 Premiere

Image: CW Television Network

Image: CW Television Network

Next up is The Flash! To the surprise of no one, Barry Allen has broken everything, again. There’s been some “Flashpoint” hate, since some folks expected it to mirror the comic more closely. But that just wasn’t possible (or advisable when you look at it). Shows and comic books work different. A multi-issue comic event may fill a lot of pages, but those pages go quickly. The same cannot be said for hour long television shows. It also can’t affect the whole DCTV universe the way “Flashpoint” should have. Though there is a large demographic that watches all four CW shows, the moment you make it required viewing is the moment the task starts to become too big and you start losing viewers.

It’s also worth mentioning that they’re not done with the ramifications of “Flashpoint.” Not by a mile. Barry may be out of the alternate timeline where Cisco Ramon FINALLY gets the girl, but that doesn’t mean all is well in the Land of Oz. It may always be sunny in Central City, but we’ve already seen that Iris isn’t talking to Joe in the timeline that Barry’s returned to. I’d bet you Cat Grant’s salary that Iris and Joe’s relationship wasn’t the only thing that changed upon Barry’s return.

Arrow Season 5  Premiere

Image: CW Television Network

Image: CW Television Network

Finally, Arrow. The show’s put a few rocky seasons under its belt. Season 3’s complete and utter despair that was missing any form of light lost a lot of folks. Season 4 got a little better, but left some fans who were teetering on the edge after Season 3 deciding that it was time to part ways with the show.

If the first episode is to be a sign, Season 5 doesn’t have time for quitters. Though it still had its issues, “Legacy” brought it. The stunts were incredible, the effects were clean, and we even got a new trick arrow!

What’s missing from Arrow is the levity of Oliver Queen. From the show’s inception, he hasn’t been The Green Arrow, he’s been Batman. I’ve accepted this for years. We’re supposed to be watching him grow into The Green Arrow we all know and love. But for the love of god if Ollie doesn’t get that sass back and start making some murder chili, I’m going to start throwing things!

Except I don’t have to! Not only did we get the fun new trick arrow, we also got some of that trademark Oliver Queen sass when he looked directly into the eyes of his captor and called him an idiot. That moment of wit doesn’t mean I’m not irritated at Mr. Queen, deciding to “honor” Laurel Lance by dishonoring Tommy Merlyn. I’m talking about his decision that murdering people is back on the table.

It is fine, he’s under a lot of stress, and he’s all alone, blah, blah, blah. Arrow has a habit of taking one step forward and then hopping back all over again, but I haven’t given up hope that that will eventually stop. Oliver may be making some rash decisions, and we’re only one episode in, so I’m holding onto that hope that the new vigilantes will help him figure out his life.

Let’s talk about those new vigilantes, shall we? I have zero interest in them. The quickest ways to lose me from a show is a baby happening for no reason (think Rachel in the later seasons of Friends), or a large group of new characters showing up (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the big group of Saviors). Am I supposed to care about these characters without a proper backstory? The only saving grace of this story line is that they’ve put Curtis in that new group, which means Mr. Terrific will be happening soon. With that acknowledgement, I am hoping that this “new team” story doesn’t last long. OTA all the way!

That’s it for this week. Join me again next week for a round-up of all these wonderful shows plus Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl!



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