It Means Hope: The Importance of the “S” in the New Season of Supergirl


The Man of Steel has been in our lives for over 78 years. Whether it’s rescuing kittens out of trees or defending our Earth from evil villains, Superman has remained a symbol for good for almost a century.

Through the years the character has evolved, as all do. We’ve seen his joy, his fear, his love and his rage. In all of those emotions, and through the progression of the character, one thing has always remained the same: Kal El and the symbol on his chest stand for hope. His cousin Kara shares that symbol, the crest of the honored house of El.

The thing about character evolution is that it’s critical for characters to survive as long as the big names have. There are areas that can be malleable. Small traits, dispositions, behaviorisms, can be gradually altered through the ages to keep a character relevant. Then there are areas that aren’t meant to be touched.

You can’t just remove the foundation of a character and assume that it will still stand unsupported. That foundation for anyone wearing the “S” is hope.

It is for that very reason that I cannot wait for Supergirl to start up in October. Yes, there will be strange one-offs where a writer misses the point of the character, but through all of its adorable camp, Supergirl hits the core of the character so very completely.

Not only have they absolutely nailed it with Kara, but in season one, they hit the nail on the head with Kal as well.  The only interactions we had with Clark Kent were instant messages between him and Kara, but in those IMs they managed to show the core of Superman more than some writers have in entire books or films. Soon we’ll see these two cousins soaring together across the skies of National City, likely defending the world from some evil or what-not.

With Kara Zor El soaring over to the CW this season after her move from CBS, we will see her (and her cousin) embody the light that will help bring balance to the DCTV universe. With things going a bit darker in The Flash, and with the sun rarely shining in Star City with the Arrow, I have a feeling we’ll need that special kind of hope that only the Kryptonians can bring.

Supergirl premieres for the first time on the CW October 10

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