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The road so far has been a long one. It’s easy to keep going when you have nearly endless material! The reason Supernatural has survived is not because of its endless material though. No, Supernatural has survived so long because of its fans. The Supernatural Family has kept the show on the air for 11 (going on 12) seasons now. Having 11 years of rapport with a network allows you to take a few chances here and there, and thus the episode ‘Baby’ was born.

The 1967 Chevy Impala, or Baby as fans know her, is not simply a car. She’s a character of the show, just as important as any of the others. She doesn’t speak; have emotions or any of the like. She never becomes sentient, and doesn’t have any magical abilities. What she is is a home.

Through 11 seasons, the Winchesters have rested their heads at a myriad of locations. They’ve had Bobby’s, the Roadhouse, the bunker, and several other locales, many of which are now destroyed, but through it all, there’s always Baby.

She’s had her bumps and bruises along the way. Watching her get destroyed in season 1 was just as devastating as watching one of the boys die. Just like the brothers, Baby never stays down for long. It doesn’t matter if there’s just a single piece of the original frame left, Dean will always bring his Baby back to life.

The episode “Baby” shows us life from the Impala’s perspective. We don’t rehash what we went over in “Swan Song” back in season 5, we all know about Sam’s army man stuck in the ashtray, and the initials in the trunk. Instead, we go on a hunt just like we usually would, we just look at it through a different set of eyes. Her eyes.

Baby gets a little banged up in this episode, just like her boys. A few chips in her paint and some tears in her upholstery won’t stop her though. At the end of the day, Baby even helps Dean defeat the leader of the Nachzehers (Dean affectionately names them Ghoulpiers, because, again, 11 seasons). Sure, she’s just a tool, but tearing a Ghoulpier’s head off is hard!

The episode ends with the boys saving the day. The leader of the Ghoulpiers is beaten, and all he turned are returned back to their human form.  With the battle won, the brothers return to the car. They’re beaten and exhausted, and Dean looks to Sam saying ‘let’s go home’. Sammy, never being as affectionate towards Baby as Dean, smiles at his brother and pats the dash, muttering a simple ‘We are home’.

With season 11’s release, you can bring the episode “Baby” home to you, but why stop there when you can bring Baby herself, along with her boys, to your mantle as well? In conjunction with the season’s release, we’re happy to present this gorgeous 1:18 scale die cast car, complete with Abaddon graffiti and Winchester brothers from the episode “Bladerunners” back in season 9! We all remember her Enochian message to the boys ‘Be afraid—Your Queen’. She’s long gone now, not because she was evil or anything, but because no one hurts Baby and lives to talk about it!

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