Catch Up on the 12 Days of Deadpool with All the Treats We’ve Received So Far

In case you missed it, Deadpool is doing a 12 Days of Deadpool as part of a marketing push for his upcoming film! It will culminate in a brand new trailer on Christmas day, but until then, we’re getting treats from the Merc with a Mouth every day leading up to it.

The “other jolly guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on” will be using various platforms to releases his surprises of cheer unto the world.

It started a few days ago, so check out what presents Deadpool has bestowed upon us so far!

On the first day, we got a brand new poster from Entertainment Weekly:


On the second day, we got this fun tweet from People magazine:


On the third day, we got Deadpool’s battle plans, inspired by Home Alone, via Deviant Art:



Done by Heidi, look at all those fun elements! P.R.O.U.S’ (pizza rats of unusual size), komodo dragons, feathers and glue, and more!

On the fourth day of Deadpool Christmas, we got his Christmas list via Empire:


Today, on the fifth day, we realized via Fandango that Deadpool likes ugly sweaters too! Especially for a student portrait.

What do you think of Deadpool’s gifts so far? What else are you hoping to get from him before the trailer?

Deadpool is set to hit theaters on February 12, 2016. It’s directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, TJ Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, Andre Tricoteux, and Morena Baccarin.

Sourc: Various, all linked above.



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