5 Hopes for the Rest of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2



Like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow has both seen a vast improvement in their second season, and has spent it tackling some pretty important issues. From Jax’s desire to free the slaves, to constantly dealing with the ramifications of their actions as guardians of time, the Legends have learned some tough lessons this season. Now that we’re moving into the latter half of it, I have some specific things I’d love to see.

1) Sara Remaining as Captain

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

We’ve finally found Rip, though it appears that he has no memory. Whether those memories get restored or not, I want Sara to remain the captain of the Waverider. Not only is it nice to have a bi woman in a leadership role in any form of media, but it makes Sara’s character better. The Lance family is historically unaware of their privilege, and this new role helps her check hers.

2) More Mick Development      


Image: CW Network

This is such a weird thing for me to want. Mick Rory used to be, well, around. Sometimes he was funny, others he acted as the antagonist, but he was never much more than a thug. Now they’ve established that he is still said thug, but that’s not all he has to be. The relationship he’s formed with Amaya, whether platonic or not, has become a fascinating look at a character driven completely by justice, and the other not at all. More of this!

3) Wonder Bros!

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

Nate Heywood has been my favorite addition to the Legends line-up. It’s not that he’s a better character than Amaya, it’s more that he’s basically a DC Captain America when it comes to his personality, and anyone who knows me knows I’m a Cap girl. Toss in the brotherly banter with Ray and we have one of my favorite aspects of the show. They’re such goofs, and it’s nice to see Ray with someone that he’s not awkwardly trying to figure out how to interact with.

4) Legion of Doom

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

This one’s short. The Legion of Doom. I want to see the headquarters. Give it to me.

5) Leonard Snart

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

If you read my wish list for The Flash, then you’re already pretty familiar with this area. Though while I’d be fine with a pure evil Snart from a different or alternate timeline on The Flash, I want the Snart we said goodbye to in season one on Legends of Tomorrow. I’m not willing to give up the best character arch in the first season. Prison Break brought up some filming complications for Wentworth Miller, but with that all wrapped I still hope beyond hope that our favorite anti-hero will return in his former conflicted glory!



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