5 Hopes for the Rest of Supergirl Season 2



Supergirl has been a culturally important show since their pilot, but since their move to the CW Network they have really found their stride when it comes to balancing their relevance, the action, and the hope. Moving in to the second half of their second season, I have some big hopes for the Girl of Steel and her team!

1) Kara and Mon El as Super Friends      

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

If you read my Supergirl reviews, then you know I don’t much care for Mon El. I do care enough to be worried when he gets captured though, so there are certain circumstances where I’d be fine with him sticking around. Primarily, I just want him and Kara as friends. I have absolutely zero interest in seeing them as a couple. Their irritated back and forth is fun, and I look forward to seeing him grow, but I need him to stop making kissy-face.

2) More Sanvers

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

Alex and Maggie has been so important that it has actually changed lives, and I hope that we’ll see them continue tackling important LBGTQ issues in the second half of the season. In that same vein, I’d like to see more of Kara getting accustomed to things and finding out how to be a better ally.

3) More Jimmy Olsen

Supergirl Jimmy Olsen

Image: CW Network

Despite getting The Guardian, I feel like we’ve had a disappointing lack of Jimmy Olsen in season 2. I don’t know if it’s that they’re not quite sure what to do with the character now that he’s not in a romantic situation with Kara, or what the deal is, but I’d like to see more of him. To be clear: More Jimmy, not necessarily more Guardian. I’m not sure how I feel about the Guardian yet.

4) Strengthening Hope

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

Supergirl has always had this in spades, but I look forward to seeing hope tested and returning with an even stronger resolve. The show’s focus on the refugee storyline while tackling race and LBGTQ issues is its greatest asset, and I want to see them to continue to strengthen this. The world needs hope.

5) The Musical Crossover

Image: CW Network

Image: CW Network

Okay, I know that this one’s already confirmed, but as a musical theatre nerd who just so happens to be obsessed with superheroes, the Arrowverse has never pitched an episode more on brand for me in its tenure. I cannot wait for this.

What are you looking for as Supergirl wraps its second season? 



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