Deadpool Director Signs on to Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Deadpool Director on Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s hard for video games to turn into feature films, as we all know. The industry will always be haunted by the ghost of the ridiculous Mario Bros. movie adaptation, in the very worst way. This hasn’t stopped them from trying. But with Nintendo’s poster boy failing so many years ago, Sega is going to throw their hat in the ring.

In the world of unlikely video game to movie adaptations, Sonic the Hedgehog could be one of the most surprising. Sony Pictures, however, sees opportunity in bringing Sega’s flagship video game property to the big screen in the form of a hybrid CG/Animation film that the whole family can get behind. Now, the project has an executive producer with clout, and it may be a little hard to believe.

Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool has signed on to be the executive producer for the film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. The film, which will likely depict some variation of a speedy blue hedgehog and a couple friends zipping around collecting gold rings, now has a director and a script is being drafted.

Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, who were nominated for Best Animated Short in 2005, for their film Gopher Broke, are working together to draft a script for Sonic. There’s a lot of promise here. The film has a team that seems to understand their art very well and it could be that, for the very first time, we will see Sonic as more successful than Mario in an artistic medium.



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